Sunday, March 19, 2017

Music City Half

Ok, ok..we did the 10k.

Our streak to run a race every month is still going. The race for March was the Music City 10k and lets just say it was not so scenic. So this might be the shortest entry yet. Ha! It was chilly that morning after the rain (that wasn't suppose to happen) came through. But that changed after I decided to wear a long sleeve instead of a tank. 🙈 If I could have had access to some scissors, I would have cut the sleeves off. But I didn't and I wouldn't run with scissors anyway. 😏 Our finish time wasn't too bad, 1:08:05.

Thumbs up because we are near the finish!!

Now to rest and get ready for Oak Barrel in a few weeks. Happy Running!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lucky 13

Last weekend I ran my 13th Half Marathon at the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite, and I may have felt like pulling out of the race before it ever started. In fact, as I was standing at the start line.  I didn't want to run at all. But instead of stepping off to the side, I hit start on my watch and took off running.

Fingers ready to hit start. 😂
Miranda mentioned at the start that she was running with me. And although I mentioned a few times for her to go on, I'm glad she stuck with me. We had (what we think) 2 miles of running on a gravel road. (Does this mean we ran a trail race? ;) Had it not been for her, I probably would have walked all of that. She had to get mean towards the end. I wanted to walk, but she yelled at me to keep going. We were almost there, but it seemed to take forever....

Before hitting the gravel. We had
so many to comment on our tights.
Ps. They are from DonaJo

There seemed to be hills, hills and more hills. Oh and even some down hill.  Needless to say, lots of hills. 😬 The best part of the gravel portion was when it finally ended and we had some cuties doing cartwheels. I'd like to think they were just as excited for us to be off the gravel too. 😄

I fell apart at mile 7 and again at mile 10. Mile 7 was probably the worst, I felt like my legs couldn't go anymore. I've had this happen usually around Mile 11 during the past few half marathons. I am starting to work harder on my fuel intake so as soon as I got that feeling, I sucked down a huma gel. Miranda pretty much pulled me along during those miles. Especially around Mile 10 when she yelled at me to keep running. I may have whined just a little bit. 🙈 She mainly yelled for me to quit looking at my watch. I really didn't realize how close I was to finishing with a PR. It still didn't hit once we crossed the finish line. I almost ran out of gas as we were running towards the finish line. Thankfully Miranda yelled at me again to keep going... haha!

So about that PR... the last half I ran was in December and there I finished in 2:37:58. It took me 2 years to finally get a new PR. I ended up shaving another 3 minutes and 6 seconds this time. Whoo Hoo!! Maybe hills are the key....

Whoo Hoo!!! This girl is awesome

Maybe one day I'll have a great finish line photo. 

Medals are handed out, so I made some for
a few running buddies. 

The next race is Oak Barrel and guess what, there are hills. I'm kinda excited about this one. I'm still setting only one finish. That goal seems to be working so lets keep it going.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Races

It's the first day of the New Year and it's the perfect time to run a race in the rain. The forecast was dreary but the race didn't start until 2pm. Per the weather channel, it was suppose to be clear. But we all know they can't always get it right. At least it was a light drizzle and the temps weren't freezing cold. But even with the rain it was still a super fun race.

Penny from work joined in the fun with us. 

I am proud to say I did the race with not setting a finish goal time. Although, as I was running down the hill towards the finish line, as I looked at the clock I caught myself shaking my head and making a face because of my time. Irene tried her best to make an appearance. 😤😉 Before the start another runner asked what my goal time was going to be. He seemed a little shocked when I said I had no goal. I've been running better when I don't set one although I did say I would like to do 30 or so minutes since my previous PR is a 32:42. The hills are what got me. Towards the end it felt as if they would never end. I need to get back to doing hill repeats again. 

Those hills 😜

Soaking wet but still smiling

Even crazy smiles 😂

First race of the year is finished, now its time to buckle down and make 2017 epic. Until next time, Happy Running!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016

Wow, another year is about to end but boy it was so much fun. Ended the year with running 606.5 miles. Man, that seems so low. Especially as I scroll through IG and see other runners with their 2,000+ miles for the year. I had so many goals coming into 2016 but I think I was mentally done before the year ever got started. I tried reaching them and finally realized I needed to focus on just enjoying the run. I feel at times I haven't found my grove since our move. But some days I do. I ran 10 races, 3 of which were half marathons and 11 virtual runs. Sometimes the races were great and sometimes Irene came out. 😉

I like to call 2016 my learning year. It's been such an experience. I learned its best to not set goals when running a race. Instead to just run it by feel and I might just end up with the PR I've been chasing. That not all training runs are going to be simply the best. Just getting out there is a big accomplishment in itself. I realized not every friend really is a 'bestie'. Some you have to just let go. But at the same time learned who really values friendship. And those are simply the 'best' to have. 2016 did bring a new home, an awesome job where I can wear running gear (every runners dream) 😉 and meeting new running buddies. I also learned I say sorry when it's not really needed. Something a co-worker once said and I later realized she was right. So I've been working hard the past few weeks to nip that in the bud. 

I'm not really sure what 2017 will bring, but I know its going to be simply the best. I hope to continue my love for running. To run a race every month, maybe reach 1000 miles for the year and to simply keep pushing to be a stronger runner. Something I have been putting off. 'Maybe' run another marathon (still on the fence about that one). 😉

Tomorrow begins a new slate, so fill it with tons of memories. Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa's Gift of a PR


That was probably the one word going through my mind as I rounded the corner to hit the finish line. Finally a PR!! I'd only been chasing it for a year and got it. Saturday Miranda, Sam and I ran the Mt. Juliet Holiday Half. It started right before the Christmas parade and that meant a later start time of 10:45am and somewhat warmer temps.  Which was awesome since at 7a it was much, much colder. Like 18! Brr!

I've always ran better in colder temps. My legs feel like they can just go and go. This was the first half I've ran in December and it was awesome. Even with running on such a narrow shoulder. With traffic coming right along side you. Fun Times. 😏  But overall, the race and the bling were great.

The morning of the race, it was nice to relax and eat my breakfast without the feeling of wanting to gag on it. The peanut butter does it every time. I had a Pro-Bar along with half a bagel with some PB and drank some water. I made my pre-workout to have on the way. On the way to meet Miranda my legs started get that tingling feeling of wanting to run. And I knew it was gonna be a great race.

The excited grins haha 😊😊

One great thing about the race, you were able to stay warm inside the school until the start of the race. The race started a little late but then we were off running down the road with the crowds cheering us on. Little kids were standing out giving everyone high fives. The course was a little hilly but the bigger hills were at the beginning of the course. The volunteers were great and plenty was offered at the water stops.

This cracks me up

Sam & I weren't ready... 

Hills for Lunch

Patiently waiting....

Around Mile 9, I chatted with another runner which is unusual for me because I usually have my music going and just zoned in on the run. We were chatting about pace and two runners who would run on the other side of the road. Just zig zagging back and forth across the lanes. I'm curious what their mileage was at the end. 😉 Towards the end of the race, I think around mile 11.5 was a cop and he was blasting the song "Eye of the Tiger." The song would end and he would shout over his mic "you're doing great." And would start the song up again. Ha! I should have gotten a photo with him.

I felt great during the race and got excited when I realized was going to finally get a PR. But then around Mile 11, I felt all jittery again like I have in past half races. I think this is where my HR reached over 200. After that, I was sure I wasn't going to reach that PR. But I did! I got a 1:12 PR and boy does it feel great! Miranda and Sam came out from the warmth to cheer me on. I was a little giddy when I saw them. Ha!

Jazz hands in full effect. 😜

whoo hoo!!


How cute is this shirt and medal?

Until the next race....Happy Running!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dashing for Turkeys

What do you do on the one day you stuff your face the most? Yep, run a race. ;) This was the first time running the Boro Dash on Thanksgiving Day and I must say it was quite fun. Although it really didn't feel like a November day as it should have been. It felt warmer than usual but we are in Tennessee so I guess it was right on point.

Miranda surprised me with a hat for the race. A turkey hat. Haha!! The hat stayed on until Mile 2ish, until I couldn't take the heat it was producing anymore. But I did put it back on once we were getting closer to the finish. 
Look at us! Hahahaha
About to start the race! 

The race starts at MTSU and uses 4 miles of the Middle Half course. So many people attended the race. There were little kiddos running right along with us. I believe over 2,000 did the race. I guess everyone wanted to make room in their bellies. ;) Even with the warm temps, we did awesome. Which I'm surprised at. We did a few walk breaks and ended up finishing in 41:34!! Finally a race with a decent average pace.  

You gotta have the socks for a Turkey Trot. 

Nearing the End

Can you spot the turkeys? ;)

Definitely a race that everyone should do, runner or not. Up next is the Mt. Juliet Half Marathon. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Run Jonah Run

I never got the chance to meet Jonah. But I'm positive he was a bubbly, happy, full of life kiddo. I do know he loved the color red and loved Junior Mint candy. He was 10 years old when he passed away on June 21, 2015 from Pulmonary Hypertension. I met his mom Sheri one day while I was working at Fleet Feet. She came in to see about donations for a race. That day was when I learned how her son passed away. I remember trying to choke back tears as she spoke about Jonah. I finally had to come around the counter and give her a hug.

This was the second annual race to help in researching Pulmonary Hypertension and how to end it. At the moment, there is no medication available for children with PH. 

I haven't ran a 5k in a year, but this will be one race that will be done every year. The course was a beautiful, starting at the Blackman High School and winding through a nearby neighborhood. It was a cool day (yay for cooler temps finally arriving), I once again didn't set a goal finish time. Still doing that no pressure thing. ;) The volunteers were amazing and there was even  a little group around mile 2 I think standing with "Run Jonah Run" signs. I got a little teary eyed when the lady holding her little baby (while holding a sign) yelled "Run for Jonah" as I passed by. 

If you are local, you need to have this race on your calendar for next year. Help the Guider's Phight the Fight and end Pulmonary Hypertension. To read more about Jonah and PH, check out Jonah's website 

Some of the BBC group.
That's Brad in the upper left corner. He missed the photo
so I added him. ;) Haha

Finished in 33:30
Avg Pace 10:48

This was at the school Jonah attended as we
passed by it during the race.