Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 2 of some awesomeness!!!

After our amazing night at the Train Concert, on Thursday we traveled up to Clarksville to visit with some Rockstars. Aka: Jessica, Chaz and their adorable girls.  The we went back to Clarksville so that we could attend Chaz's BBQ his guys were doing for him. As well as present Chaz with his Broze Star and his ARCOM with Valor Medal. Jessica had told us about this "surprise" for Chaz and it was awesome to be apart of this and knowing. Chaz didn't have a clue about the medals so it was pretty freakin sweet!

Jessica purposely forgot to mention to Ray and I one surprise!!! While at this BBQ for Chaz, we were presented with a Challenge Coin by Captain Gold. At first when Captain Gold got everyone's attention, for what I "thought" was for Chaz. I got up from my seat so I could move to a better spot to get some pictures. Then Captain Gold says "Mrs. Hale if you would please step up here" and he asked for Ray as well. I immediately looked right at Jessica, I knew who the culprit was!! ;) It was an awesome surprise and I even shed a few tears.

Ray and I were given the Challenge Coin for setting up the Team Allen Facebook page to help keep the guys in Chaz's unit updated on his progress while they were still deployed. I set the page up because Jessica was getting tons of friend requests, even from people she didn't know. I figured this would be easier for everyone! Never would have thought starting this page back in February (I believe that is right) would today have almost 9,000 fans!!! Be sure to check out the page at and 'like' it if you haven't already!!! This family is amazing!!

Close up of Chaz's Medals
Captain Gold, Chaz  and Larry Breland
Ray & I with Captain Gold holding our Coin.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow...What an amazing nite!!!

What a whirlwind the past few days have been!!! On Wednesday, August 17 Ray & I attended Train/Maroon 5 Concert in Nashville, TN. This is the first concest I have attended since 97'!!! *Gasp* This was a freakin awesome concert not only did we have 2nd row seats but we were also there to witness Chaz & Jessica renew their vows on stage with Train!!!

Yep, you read that right! My friend Jessica entered in a contest Train was holding for the military. The winner of the contest would be able to propose to their loved one with Train while they sang "Marry Me". They WON!!!! The rules stated the winner would propose via Skype, on a whim Jessica decided to enter. She told them how her and Chaz spent their 10 yr anniversary at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. *Your probably wondering why they spend their anniversary at Walter Reed, right? Well if don't already know, on January 22, 2011 Chaz stepped on an IED while on patrol in Afgainstain. He lost both legs and is elbow is fused at a 90 degree angle. He is doing great and you can read more about this amazing family at 

Now back to the email... She proposed to Train allowing them to renew their wedding vows. The worst that could happen was the delete the email, right?! But they didnt...instead they emailed her to let her know she was a finalist!! Then while Ray & I were visiting them in Washington, DC she got an email stating she won!! There was a lot of "eeeek" going on at the table with Ray & Chaz wondering what was going on. hehe!

So, they got to renew their vows on stage! It was awesome! We had already purchased 2nd row tickets with a Meet & Greet with Train. So Ray & I were able to witness this along with Jessica's mom and sister sitting right beside us! It was such an amazing feeling to see your friends who have been thru sooo much in the past few months get their special moment on front of 11,000 fans!!!!! I don't believe there was a dry eye in the place after Jessica told their story!

Here is video from the concert! Be sure to go check out the Team Allen facebook page!