Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Colorful Run

If you haven't done the Color Run yet, you MUST!!!! It is such a blast to do and is perfect for kiddos. Really, no age limit. There were little ones riding in strollers ready to get their color on. :) Jessica, Deryn, Sarah and I all signed up. At first, Jessica missed getting Deryn registered but I noticed someone on their FB Event page trying to find someone to take their spot. Score for us!!! Woot!  Brittney from Operation Ward 57 sent us all shirts in white to wear. Gotta support OPW57!!!

Some Color Run Tips::

  • Don't run!!!! It's not a timed race, so enjoy it!!!!
  • Don't worry if some of the color gets in your can eat it. I wouldn't recommend it as the taste is chalky.
  • Get at the end or close to it)of the start line. We were at the end and it was the best. We seemed to get alot of color. 
  • Be patient!!! The corral was long! The race started at 9, we got going at 10. Don't take a short cut to get to the color. We decided next time to sit in the car and have breakfast. ;)
  • Old clothes.
  • Be sure to bring some towels or a sheet to throw over your car seats.
  • Be sure to put your cell phone in a baggie or even tape up the speaker and ear. I had my otterbox and it did great. Its no longer grey but it did the job.
  • Some type of eye cover.

Here are a few photos.....

Before the color
This is probably one of my fave... photobomb

Now go get color-fide. :D