Friday, November 22, 2013

Running the Women's Half Marathon & Middle Half

So, I am wayyyyy behind on blogging about my races. It seems training takes up a lot of time. ;) And work, yes work. Must work to support my running addiction right?!

So, lets get to it. Up first, the Women's Half Marathon.

This was my second time running the Women's Half in Nashville. I do believe, so far that it is simply the best half I have ran. The expo is awesome, the people are amazing and the medal is the bomb. I believe the medal was the main reason I signed up on whim last year. This year, I was totally more prepared for it. My goal was to finish in 2:45. I really wasn't wanting to push too hard because this was just a warm up before the Middle Half that I would be running in 2 weeks. However, the start of the race ended up changing that. ;) I ended up finishing in 2:47! So I was pretty close to hitting my goal.

Here are a few snaps from the day......
Ready to runnnnnn

At the start line

Crossing the finish line..

These crack me up....

And now for the recap of the Middle Half......

This was the first time running this one, but I loved it. It's totally flat, so its super easy to get a PR in this race. My goal going in was 2:30, Sherry and I even got with a pace group so we wouldn't start out to fast. Sherry ended up hurting her knee and couldn't run much so I went on. I ended up finishing in 2:45, a new PR even if it is just 2 minutes. After crossing I went to catch up with Sherry at the last part of the race to cheer her on. 

Here are a few snaps from the day... 

Beautiful Sunrise before the Race
Here we gooooooo

Ray caught up to us while riding his bike.

Wooot Wooot!

Bless her. 

A few heroes had my back... 

Until the next race......