Friday, March 7, 2014

The Chase for Chaz 5k/10k

I am super pumped about this race and YOU should be too!!! Read more to find out why...

SSG. Chaz Allen was injured when he stepped on an IED on January 22, 2011 while on patrol in Afganistain. The blast took both legs and injured his right elbow, which is now fused. The blast may have taken his legs but it sure didn't take his sense of humor. ;) Chaz and Jessica are planning to build their handicap accessible home here in McMinnville, TN. Currently, Chaz lives in Clarksville in their 2 story home. Every day he scoots up and down the steps! Now, that doesn't sound fun at all does it?! Not to mention, this is putting his back in more pain.

They have been patiently waiting for a year for this house to get started. A year ago in January, some shovels were brought out and some dirt was lightly tossed. Since then, the land has set empty!! Finally, they just took matters into their own hands. Now, you may be thinking "oh the govt provides them with housing, right?!" WRONG!! The VA only gives a grant, that's about $64,000. That isn't enough to build a home, especially one for Chaz's needs. His bathroom alone is about $60,000. (I'll give you time to pick up your jaw after reading that) ;) So, this is where we come in!!! Raising funds is uber important!!

Excited yet?! Good!

Come join us Saturday, May 31 at the square in McMinnville for the 5k/10k race! You'll have tons of fun and be helping to get our hero home much faster!!!!! Best part....Chaz plans to ride his hand crank bike!!! You'll have to be crazy fast to keep up with him!!!! ;) This day is going to be epic folks. You don't want to miss this race!! So mark your calendar!!! You can now register at: The Chase for Chaz and be sure to like our Facebook page to stay up to date on details!! You can go 'like' it at: The Chase for Chaz Facebook Page. Can't make it?! No worries at all. I've got you covered with the virtual race! You'll still get a shirt mailed out to you!

So come on out and thank this hero by running 3.1 or 6.2 miles with him! Walkers are totally welcome. Awards will be given out to the Top Male/Female of both the 5k and 10k. All participants will receive a tshirt as well as a medal once they cross the finishline. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!