Sunday, May 18, 2014

Running of Viola Valley Half

I actually kinda like running this race. Mainly because its nearly right out my back door. I am about 15 miles from the start line. Which means sleeping a little longer or so I had hoped. Recently I have been doing spin class and then going for a 3 mile run after hitting the weights for a bit. It seems every time I do this, I literally kill my run. Pace is spot on, I run the whole distance. Legs feel amazing! I think it has alot to do with the spinning. Maybe that is my warm up. I don't really do alot of stretching before a race, I've tried it both ways and it seems to be better if I just do a little. So, I decided before this race I would get up earlier and go for a little bike ride. Not a 15 mile ride like we do in spin, more of a 1-2 miles. I ended up doing about a half mile maybe but I felt warmed up. And off to the start line we went.

This year the weather was perfect!!!! It did the same thing it did last year...rain! But the rain held off long enough for Miranda and I to finish our run. Woot Woot!!!  It was a little chilly, last year was a little bit warm. But the colder the better I always say. I do think I'll start spinning more before a race, just enough to loosen up the muscles.  I felt really good right up until hitting mile 7.5, at that moment my ankle starting to hurt pretty bad. Not sure what happened, but it hurt for the rest of the race.
Here we are at the start of the race!

Haha At my face!

And Viola Valley Finishers!!!! 
And my biggest fan

Until the next race...make sure your laces are tight and go for a run. :)