Wednesday, December 31, 2014

See Ya Later 2014

What a year 2014 has been! I was suppose to have ran my first marathon but an injury saw an end to that goal. I was completely bummed about it but have now come to the conclusion that it was the best thing to happen to me. Yes, I am saying the injury was a blessing. Even though I didn't get to run the list of races I had wanted to do, I am still pleased with the accomplishments I did do.  I ran one half marathon, the Viola Valley in 2:39 a new PR. I finished the USO Ten Miler at Ft. Campbell, that race is one of my favorites and it was even better that my friend Jessica did the race as well. Peer Pressure can be a pain can't it. ;)

I also finally got to run a race on my birthday and set a new PR with it. It was only a 5k and my goal was to run the race non stop but my legs had other plans. But the biggest race was the Running of the Turkeys 10k. This race was right after being injured and I was completely nervous about it. But it ended up being my best race yet. I ran the whole thing without stopping. Woot Woot!!!

I organized my first race, The Chase for Chaz to help in raising funds for his handicap accessible home. I learned alot for doing this race. And I have a new respect for those who put them on. We raised $6,000 for them. And soon, he will be moving into his home. The roof is in the process of being put on at this moment. Eep!

So 2014 wasn't that steller but I am still pleased with the results. I am super pumped about what 2015 has to bring. I'm already training for my first race of the year, the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. Jess and I are doing the Glass Slipper Challenge, its a 10k on Saturday and the half is on Sunday. It's her first half and I am super excited to be joining her. And just 5 weeks after that race will be the Oak Barrel Half. I am quite excited about this race and quite nervous. There is a monster of a hill. Hills don't really bother much anymore but I hear this one is a beast. It even has its on Facebook page its so fierce. :0)

Marathon training will kick up soon after this race and I can't wait for this journey to begin. I am so excited to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Just the other day I was watching videos of the race. I'm now all pumped up about it.

I am hoping the new year brings faster finish times for my races. I would love to finally run a half in 2 hours. Not to mention a faster 5k and 10k race as well.

My goals for 2015 are:

*weekly hill repeats, speed work & track workouts
*more yoga and spin classes
*run a faster mile and keep it consistant. My fastest was a 9 min.
*finish a 10k in under an hour
*finish a 5k in under 30 min
*lift heavier in the gym
*faster 5k & 10k
*half in 2 hours

And the 2015 miles in 2015. Its a big stretch and I know this but its still a goal I would like to attain if possible. Everyone needs a goal to push you to be your best at what you love to do.

So here is to 2015!! May we all be healthy, prosperous and the best we can be to others. May your feet be fast and the wind always be at your back. ;)