Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Runners Review for the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch

First off, kudos to me for doing another post so soon. ;) I am on a roll. Now onto the review....

I love, love this watch!! I've been using the Nike+ running app since I started running. Love the app but felt I wasn't getting everything I wanted. I had purchased their Sport band but just wasn't pleased with it much. Enter Christmas and telling my wonderful hubby the one thing I wanted. The Nike GPS Sport watch. I even dropped hints on Facebook.

A few of the things that I do miss about the app is hearing the cheers. Sounds small, but it really does motivate you to keep going. I also miss being able to hit a power song when I need it as well as hearing the mileage at each mile. Not a big deal, just gotta look at the watch for that. The watch does feel a bit chunky, but its not bad at all. I'm not one to wear a watch anymore, hello isn't that why we have our cell phones?! ;) I still have my app on my phone, just so I can stay updated on who's ahead in running the most. Just have to refresh and it updates with the latest run. And the best phone battery doesn't die as quickly on runs. Running both the app and my music was killing it quickly. You don't have to have the sensor, but it does help especially if you get in areas where the GPS signal could be blocked. I don't wear Nike shoes, but have one of the pouches on my left shoe.

So, on a scale of 1-10. I give it a 10!! Love it!

It lists up to 50 runs and gives all the stats just like the app does. 

You can use the side buttons to arrow down to where you wanna go. Or if you are running, just hold the blue button
for 3 seconds for a quick start. 

It lists all your records. Fastest Mile, 5k, 10k, longest run. 

This is one part I'm nervous about. It seems this would be easy to break off. It comes with a USB to
charge and upload your runs. It says you can also just use this, however I feel it isn't best to do that. 

It has a back light as well. It took me a few times to figure out how to work it. You have to double tap the screen.
Make sure you do hard taps. This is so you don't accidentally hit it when you don't need it.

Ignore my shoe..its time for an new pair. ;)

The issue I had with the app when using a treadmill was how inaccurate it would be.
Even using the tip Nike provided by having my phone on me and not on the treadmill.
With the watch, just turn off the GPS and get to running. 

To pause the run, just push the blue button. Push it again to start back. 

I hope my review helped with any questions anyone might have. Feel free to ask any questions you have. :) 
Happy Running!!! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Running of the Turkeys 10k

I was excited about this race. It's the first 10k that has ever been just a 10 minute drive from my house. I saw one of my running buddies on Facebook join their event page and checked it out and decided to register. It was chilly that morning and my goal was to run the whole thing. I've yet to run a race non stop, just during training runs. Well, I've only ran a few times in Manchester so I knew I was lost when the race director starting saying "Turn here, turn there.....". And I wasn't the only one either. Not to mention the lack of volunteers at certain points telling you which way to go. Signs are great, but when they aren't in the right place or being blocked by your volunteer its pointless. Case in point... I told my running buddy that was the first race I ever had to go down steps. Her reply "what steps, I didn't go down any." Ooopsie! But hey I still got 1st in my age group. :) And Miranda won the race as well as her mom Cathy winning 1st in her age group. Not to shabby for folks who had really no clue where we were going. ;)

Here are a few snaps from the day!
Waiting for the awards to be handed out. And yes, those are my gloves sticking out. ;)
Woot Woot!!!