Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday Run

I believe this has been the first time since I began running that a race was on my birthday!! I wanted to run my first marathon on it but really hadn't had enough time to train properly for it. So I ran a local 5k race here in McMinnville. The Autism 5k.

To make my birthday special... I ordered some socks from The Sox Box. I urge you to check them out at The Sox Box and pick you up some cool socks. Especially if you have a love for CrossFit. A bonus..they donate 20% of each sale to the Independence Fund!!! So go help them help our wounded heroes!!

My goal for this race was to run the whole thing but starting out too fast I ended up stopping once. Boo! But I did set a new PR!! There's always the next race to tackle at not stopping. I finished this race in 34:18.
Here are the adorable socks. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

OEW Skydive Virtual 5k

I am all about running for causes that mean alot to me. Pretty much anything to do with wounded warriors, I'm there. And if I can't be there, I'll support it virtually if its available. This is the first one I've done that handed out medals!! I mean really, who wouldn't want this?! This medal is of Todd Love. If you haven't heard of Todd, you need to google him because you must be living under a rock not to know who this amazing guy is!!!!

The Operation Eduring Warrior (OEW) offers a series of programs to help motivate and raise awareness for our wounded heroes. It's amazing at the things they do. The skydive programs helps in  achieving their US Parachute Association "A" license certifation.

If you haven't done a virtual race, do it. Especially if it's for an awesome non profit and you know they are acutally doing something with the funds. 

Ft. Campbell USO Ten Miler

Running season is upon us! Let us all rejoice in lacing up our shoes, setting the perfect playlist and setting new PR's.

My first race of the season was the Ft. Campbell USO Ten Miler!! I ran this race last year in memory of Derek McConnell. As you may remember Derek was injured after stepping on an IED, resulting in the loss of both legs and muliple other injuries. Sadly, he passed away on March 18, 2013. I called this race "Derek's Race" and told him we could go as fast or as slow as he wanted. I ended up finishing the race in 2:09.

This year my goal was to run it in 1:45ish, however my body had other plans. I did PR for this race, but not by much. I shaved 3 minutes off. I ended up talking my friend Jessica into going with me and doing the race. She was such a trooper after having a busy day as well as night the day before.

I love seeing photos of myself running in races. Not because of the amazing look I have on my face ;) but because I love to see how my running form is doing. I can tell by the last photo I was starting to slump in the shoulders. It's very important to keep a good running form. And I've actually came a long way.

Here we are before the race..

I love this photo Jessica captured. 

I think this was when we were making a loop back near the finish line.

I hope everyone has a great running season. Stay safe during training. :)