Friday, July 25, 2014

Coming to a Decision

I finally made a decision about my marathon.... No Marine Corps Marathon Medal or salute from our heroes this year. No, instead it will have to be put on hold until next year.

You know how sometimes your body keeps trying to tell you something, yet your mind keeps saying "we can do it?!"  Well, I've been stuggling with this for awhile, basically since my injury. And I think it mainly was because I knew I needed to stay positive. To hang onto the hope of getting to train soon. However, this past weekend I made the decision not to run my first marathon this year at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. I'm in this boot at least another 5 weeks and even if I can get out of it sooner, I can't pick up right where I left off at. I am basically starting all over with running.  This race is on October 26 and I just don't think its enough time to properly train. I want to be healthy.

However, I do get to defer until next year so I still have my spot. Woot Woot!! Now, since I have practically another year to train I've been hitting the gym alot. What else am I gonna do with this super boot on?! ;) It's starting to become my newest addiction now. And I am really excited about it. I've always wanted to hit the gym and work out but would always quit after a bit. I really couldn't make it a habit. I'm very happy that I am sticking to it like I am. Now instead of trying to schedule in a long run on the weekend, I'm trying to schedule in a workout. (Don't worry, the long runs will be back soon...)

Who knows, maybe this whole injury was just what I needed to give me the push to help me be a stronger, faster runner. Since I'll be starting completely over from scratch with running, I'm really looking forward to it. I now know what all I need to do to prepare to be a better and stronger runner. I just have this feeling this is gonna be worth it in the end. 

I'm still undecided on my last two big races of the year, the Middle Half and the Women's Half. I'm still holding out hope that I can atleast attempt to do them. I'm totally cool with having to walk it all if I must.
I really do miss running and miss running with my buddies. But I must continue to be patient until I get the ok to lace up BOTH running shoes. ;) Until then it will be hitting the gym and keeping occupied with getting stronger.

Until next year....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Reasons This Doesn't Suck

If you remember my last post, I mentioned dealing with a sprained ankle and not getting to run like I love to do. Well, I finally went to the doctor to have it checked out. An MRI was done to reveal there was severe brusing to the bone and the ligaments were a little damaged. I was then told the news no runner wants to here... "you need to come in for a walking boot!" Deep down, I knew I was going to need one. I just didn't want to admit it. I hoped my gut would be wrong. I pouted after hearing that news and stuffed my face with junk food. Mainly because I was already going on 6 weeks since the injury and normally you wear a boot for 6 weeks. I should have went sooner. And I think that is where I am the most upset. I might have been back to training for my races by now.

I allowed myself to have a pity party on Sunday. And it may have carried over a little bit to Monday morning on the way to get fitted for it. However, I started listing reasons as to why this doesn't suck!!!!!!!

 Here it goes...

- Only one sock is needed. I can wear the other one the next day, as long as they aren't labeled L or R. Hey, saves on laundry right?!

- One shoe is all that is needed. I think I might but all the right ones in a box until I get this off.  ;)

- Shorts at work. Whooo Hooo!!

- Since I'm not running, I can read more. There is quite the list.

- My house stays clean...running all the time makes it hard. ;)

- One foot won't get cold.

- Black shoes go with everything...almost

- I have an awesome weapon if I need it. ;)

- I get to try out my pimp walk. I kid you not, one of the doctors said that's how I would need to walk. That it would eventually happen before I get it off and he said "you might as well go ahead and start now." bahaha

- This is for a short time!!!!

I think the last one is most important. And something I'll have to remember quite often. Yes, being in this boot sucks. Yes, I need to be training for my marathon and upcoming half marathons. But if there is one thing I have learned from being around the wounded. It would be appreciate your limbs. Something that I do. Some of the heroes I know have been in walking boots much longer than the normal 6-8 weeks. Wounded hero Eric Hunter was injured when he stepped on an IED resulting in the loss of his right knee and limb salvage to his left. He's been in a walking boot since September... 10 months. I bet he's mastered that pimp walk by now. ;) I'm still struggling. Haha!

Or another wounded hero, Franz Walkup who was injured when he was shot by the ANA forces his unit was training. His right leg isn't always in a walking boot, but he does have some issues walking with it. However, that didn't stop him from competing in the Tribal Quest race this past weekend. There are many more heroes, but these two came to my mind first. So, my little adventure with this boot really is small potatoes compared to these heroes.

I seriously did not let this boot keep me down. I'm still in training mode for the half marathons and for my first marathon and therefore I am totally kicking butt in the gym. I just hope I don't end up looking like one of the memes with the guy skipping leg day. ;) I had to beg the dr to give me the green light to still work out. I may not be able to run any of my races that is on my schedule this year. But that will be ok. I can defer for the Marine Corps Marathon to next year and I can sell my spot for the Middle Half. The Women's Half is the only race that I can not transfer, sell or derfer. Which sucks but if I get the ok to walk, you better believe I'll be there. The time will totally suck but there will always be next year. I just have to keep telling myself this. I am trying my best to stay positive that I will get to run my races. Who knows, maybe this boot will give me super powers and I'll heal super fast. And then run super fast.

This was the same day I got my new accessory.
At least I look cute right?!

All I am saying is.... be strong, be fierce, be tough and suck it up. When you think you can't go anymore, just think back to those who are learning to walk all over again. They are killing it everyday in rehab. Have that little pitty party, then suck it up and go lift some weights. And yes, I have to tell myself to "suck it up." If I don't then Ray is right there to tell me so.

If you would like to follow the heroes I listed above you can do so by clicking the links. :)

Franz Walkup

Eric Hunter