Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two More Weeks


Yes, the boot came off on Tuesday and let me tell you it felt so weird walking in a shoe. I carried my shoe into the doctor office and told her that I hoped I wasn't jinxing myself. ;) I wasn't!!! I got the ok to toss it. Woot Woot!! She gave me a list of exercises to do and I got the ok to walk my upcoming half. She said I can jog it some if I feel up to it. But not to overdo it. Which I never intended to do for that race. Since Tuesday, I've been busting out all of the exercises she told me to do. I even went to the gym that afternoon. However, I felt so lost. Even though I've been hitting the gym daily since I was injured. I just haven't done any lower body.

I mentally feel so prepared to run but I know that I must take baby steps. As my chiropractor mentioned, I already have it between my ears that I will be running. And I really believe that I do. I just feel like I am going to kill my runs now. It's like before my injury, something was missing. I never worked out. I only ran. I knew if I wanted to become a better runner, I needed to cross train. But the gym intimated me. I always had the feeling that someone was watching me. It took having an injury to make me realize that everyone in the gym is doing their own thing. Really not even paying attention to you.

Welcome Back

I really wanted to hit the gym this afternoon, but thought my ankle needed some rest. Yesterday at the gym, I walked on the treadmill for 6 minutes and then I rode the bike for 15 minutes. Totally did not intend to ride 3.4 miles but I did. Oops! My legs felt like jello and wondered what the heck just happened when I got off the bike. I can't wait to see what running will be like. I'm sure I'll feel like I am dying. Or wonder why I ever enjoyed it before the injury. ;) A few more weeks of the bike and I should totally be able to ride while my running buddy, Miranda runs. She's training for her first marathon in Decemeber. And I totally feel bummed that I'm not able to train with her. I kinda pushed her into registering since she would most likely be training with me for my marathon. So hopefully by rinding my bike, I can keep her company on those looooong runs so she isn't solo.

Pedal Pedal Pedal

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Operation Training for Life....Say what?!

Lately, I've had quite a few people to ask me where my motivation is coming from since I am hitting the gym alot now. To be honest, I am really not sure how to answer.  Something just lit inside me and I've been going strong ever since. Maybe it's because I want to be a much stronger runner once I start back. And a strong core & upper body helps with that. I hit the gym 5 days a week (M-Th & Sat), I work out anywhere between 30 minutes to 1.5 hr. I pretty much do core and upper body only since I have this boot on I was told no lower body. I will do a few leg lifts but not many. I mean that boot is enough weight. I probably do 10-15 minutes total with the legs and it's bare minimal. I'm constantly looking for new material just to switch up a bit and not get bored. So far it seems to be working.

I did get quite a few stares in the gym, but now people just go on about their workout. Or they will say "look, she worked out so hard she hurt her foot." ;)  And much of the time I am the only female in there. Now, the old me would have totally ran out of the room. Or would have needed someone there with me. But nope, I'm in there lifting right along with them. Or I should say some of them. There are quite a few that do more walking back & forth than they do lifting. I am getting braver and trying new machines out and after a bit I'll head off to one of the empty rooms where there is more room to do core work. During yesterday's workout, I ended up holding the longest plank that I have yet to do.
Say what?!!

A friend then commented and said soon I'll be doing them with a medicine ball. Soooo..I tired it. It was akward with the boot but I held it for about 20 seconds. Another goal is for my running, since there will be no MCM this year that means I have longer to train. I'm shooting for being able to run without any walking breaks. This is something I have struggled with since I began running. The just didin't want to shut up. I'm hoping since I am so motivated with my lifting and pushing "one more rep" that maybe, just maybe I'll be able to tell my mind "one more mile" and keep saying that till I cross the finish line. It probably sounds completely crazy, but I just feel like when I start back running that I am going to kill it. 

If you are planning on starting your fitness journey, I urge you to take before photos!!!! Take measurements, document it all. You don't have to show anyone the images. I did not take before shots and I really wish I had. I am getting some muscle but not super pumped up, so I'll take some while not flexing. ;) And I have photos from before just not when I started training. I go off by feel and not by the scale (you know the boot thingy).  Like for instance... 

Yeah...they are a little big.

Don't be afraid of the gym either. Everyone who is there started somewhere. Walking in that door is the biggest step. Plug in your music and go lift. You may not be lifting what they are but if you keep at'll be there in no time at all. I get the biggest smile on my face when I move up in weights.

And list goals. It could be anything from lifting 25 pounds within a month. But list something so it motivates you to reach that goal. My goals are to be able to do pushups and not the girly ones either. I can almost do it, but not quite there just yet. I'd also like to be able to do pull ups too. And this week I am hoping to hit 2-a day workouts. I suck at getting up earlier than I do for work. But this week I'm hoping to be able to get in a light workout before getting ready for work. We shall see how it goes. 

I never would have thought I would be on this fitness journey, but since I'm injured I am totally digging this course. I hope to continue to motivate others who still might be iffy about hitting the gym. Go do it!! You can totally do it. There really isn't an excuse. Dig deep down and release that inner you who is screaming to get out. ;) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!