Saturday, November 29, 2014

Two Races in One | Running of the Turkeys & The Chase for Chaz 10k

I'm back........

I am still on that runners high from today's race. Literally, just floating along. First race since I sprained my ankle at the end of May. Note...don't wait 6 weeks before going to the doctor like I did. Because then you've just wasted valuable healing time. ;) Since I was injured, I didn't get to run the race I held for my buddy Chaz. I just kept telling myself I would run it once I healed. And today was the day....

On a whim, I signed up for the Running of the Turkeys 10k after asking my running buddy Miranda if she would want to do it as well. Her first marathon is next weekend so I knew she was already tapering. And its been such a long while since we have ran a race together. It was so much fun having her there and cheering me at the finish. I have been building up my mileage again but the furthest I have been is 4.5 miles. Until last weekend when I did my first 5 miler and I did pretty good with it. As soon as I signed up, I felt like puking. The night before and day of the race I wasn't any better. But as soon as the race started that all went away.

Our pre-race selfie. Instead of listening to the race director, we strike a pose. ;)
This is my "I'm trying not to puke face." 

I felt so good running, my legs felt great. My goal was to run the whole course.  Something that I have tried at each race I have ever done but my mind always tells me "stop and walk, its too much." Training runs, I have no problem running without walking. Its the racing that gets me. Since being injured, I've literally to told my mind to shut it that we are doing this. So far this trick is working. A few times, I thought I was going to stop and walk but I didn't. Instead I would slow my pace just a bit and then pick it back up. At mile 4.5, my legs were screaming to walk. But I kept going. And it paid off... I FINALLY ran a race without pausing to walk. Coming around the last part of the race, I kinda got teary eyed that I had finally accomplished this. Whoo Hoo!!! I ended up finishing in 1:05 a new PR. I shaved 6 minutes off from the last time I ran this race. And got 3rd in my age group. I'd say it ended up being the perfect race. :)

I also made this race for the Chase for Chaz as well. I was the race director for it so I didn't get to run with everyone else on that day. But I did register to do the virtual race at a later time. I just didn't think it would be 6 months later to the date. I guess its better late than never.

Thanks for being my paparazzi Miranda 

Both of us got PRs!
Miranda 52:35 & 1st age group
Woot Woot!!

It feels so good being back better than I was before. Sometimes, I am kinda thankful for the injury. It has helped me push to be where I am now. Where I wanted to be before I stepped off the carport trying to kill myself. ;) I can not wait to see what next year holds. Bring it! 

Run Happy!! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Journey on Whole 30

Where to begin with this journey... Since I have been injured, I've tried to eat as healthy as possible but I have a sweet tooth and when it hits (which is usually 24/7). I tend to pig out. I totally wanted to just hit the reset button and take a step back on all the crap. I have done a 21 day detox that was given to me by my chiropractor. It was rough although I did drop 20 pounds from it but it was brutal. No meats until Day 15 and that was it. No eggs, etc. But with running and hitting the gym, I knew I couldn't do that one again. The first time it was fine because I was just then starting my running habit. ;)

I had no clue what Whole 30 until a sweet girl I follow on Instagram posted about doing it. If you are on IG, I urge you to follow Molly Runs For Life. She is so stinking cute. I just adore her posts about her running, clean eating and her journey to a healthy lifestyle. So thank you Molly for being one motivational person and sharing your journey. I probably would have never done this if I hadn't seen your posts of the delicious food you ate. ;) 

So, what is Whole 30?! What can you have?! Can I modify it?! Is it hard?! 

Whole 30 is quite simple...seriously. Its the best plan that I have ever seen. You can have meats, veggies and eggs. You can totally eat your heart out on eggs. I wasn't an egg fan much but during this I have consumed more eggs in 30 days than I have all year long. I figured I would get burned out on them but that wasn't the case at all. Whole 30 stops and makes you look at labels and see what is actually going into the product. The rules are simple... no sugar, processed foods, no dairy, grains, etc. No alcohol, even with cooking foods. No weighing yourself during the 30 days. I weighed the morning of Day 1 but that was the only time I stepped on a scale. Modifing is out....sorry folks but it just is. And why would you want to modify something that is geared to help you end those bad habits and get healthy?! Kinda defeats the purpose of it. Honestly, it isn't hard. After you get passed the first 3 days its easy. Day 2 of my journey, I literally took a 15 minute nap in my truck at lunch at work. Yep, that tired. But after that, I was good to go with energy. Running and hitting the gym was rough the first few days as well because I couldn't have any pre-workout. But after day 3, I was just fine. :) You can read more on how to start your new journey here

There are tons of recipes out there that are Whole 30 approved. A few of my favorite links for yummy deliciousness are:

and my favorite that I had a few times was a slow cooker chicken rotisserie. Oh my! It was so yummy. Ray even loved it and requested I make it again. You can find it here

This is the rotisserie chicken. Ah-mazing!!

Does this not look yummy?! You can find this on
Whole 30 Recipes

As mentioned above, about the first 3 days are the hardest. But once you get past that point, you totally got this. There were days I lost track of what day I was actually on. When I started, I weighed 139. Which really isn't bad considering I am pretty active. I really didn't do this for the weight loss factor. I did it because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Literally I needed, heck I wanted a reset. My 30 days ended on Tuesday, Novemeber 25. I just today weighed myself. And I am so stinking giddy over my results. 

Photo on the right is from August 2014 & on the left is from today.
You don't have to share your progress photos, but I urge you to take them.

The Stats:

Start Weight: 139
Waist: 33 1/2"

End Weight: 125
Waist: 29

There really isn't an easy pill to take and "poof" you are instantly healthly or lost weight. It just doesn't happen. Now, yes it would be amazing if that were possible but honestly it all starts with food. And good food not junk or foods full of things you can't even pronounce. Since being on the whole 30, my sugar cravings went away. I really didn't have many cravings while on this. I think I craved Starbucks twice and I ate an orange which totally ended it. The hardest was eating at my favorite italian restaurant on Day 27. Luckily, I know the chef and sent him a message to see what he could fix that was Whole 30 compliant. However, the true test came when the meal was over and it was time for dessert. Massimo makes the best cheesecake. It's made from scratch and it is the best thing to touch your lips. Ray even loves it and he isn't a dessert person at all. Earlier that day, Ray said our friends wanted to go there. I simply said "I can't. It's my favorite place and it will be too hard to stick to it." He said "do a Whole 27, it's just 3 days." I simply said "nope, I am not cheating this close to the end." And I didn't. My plate was empty during the appitizers and it was again when dessert came out.  I did take a Larabar just in case I wanted some "dessert." I was so excited that I didn't have a piece of that cheesecake. That was huge. My goal is to still stick with the whole 30 but allow indulgances. I still watch what I put on my foods and I honestly believe that I can keep this going. There will definitely be more good food than crap.

So are you thinking about starting your journey?! You just have to ask bad do you want it?! Dig deep and find the courage to commit to it. Because I know that YOU CAN do this. It's one month but can totally end up being the best thing you do. :)