Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ft. Campbell USO Ten Miler

And the races continue....... I haven't done this many in a row in quite some time. This marks the 3rd time I've did the USO race at Ft. Campbell (twice getting Jess do the race as well) ;) and each year its a different course. Our friend April joined in this year as well. Last year it wasn't quite as hilly but it made up for it with the new route this year. Boy oh boy did it ever. To reach the finish line, you had to go right back up the hill you ran down at the start. There were a few more hills throughout the course but wasn't too bad. I did run all of the race expect for about 2 minutes coming back up the hill. My calves seized up so I walked a bit. I have the Oak Barrel Half next weekend and I really want to conquer Whiskey Hill. The hill yesterday is a baby compared to Whiskey! The goal is run all of that race as well. Something I haven't been able to accomplish, running a half non stop. Hopefully I'll be able to do that. 

I beat both previous times by shaving off 13 minutes off and finishing in 1:56!!! The "13" must be my lucky number, I've done this amount on a few runs already. Here's to hoping it continues next weekend. My pace wasn't the best for this race, but considering the hills I am pleased and I kept my finish time under 2 hours!! Woot!! 

The weather was a little chilly....ok it was cold about 30 but felt 24. But usually colder runs are way better. Luckily the race didn't start until 9am and that helped tons. And Mr. Sunshine was out nice and bright. Funny how last week I was wearing shorts and a tee. Yesterday I had on my Nike thermal pants, hoodie, tee and my wool compression socks. April and Jess got a giggle out of me because I couldn't make up mind if I should wear my compression shorts underneath. Thankfully I didn't...only after making the change twice. And then debating again... Ha! 

One funny highlight from the race...playing cat and mouse with another runner. She did not want me to be ahead of her. If she stopped and I passed her, I could count down how long it would be until she came speeding past me. She would stop and I would pass her by. It continued from mile 2 until mile 9. At mile 9, I just kicked it and went. I really wanted to talk with her during one of the many times and tell her to pace with me. She was running great but the bursts of speed over that much mileage weren't helping her. But I wasn't sure how that might come across to her. Running is a competitive sport but I also believe helping runners achieve their goals is much better. I was in behind her again after the race and overheard her saying she prefers running alone. So I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted to pace with me. 

This year when you crossed the finish line you had your choice of either a visor or a hat. Pretty sweet since I didn't get a shirt (they had the option to purchase those separately). 

Quite funny...this is the line for the ONE
porta-potty. We were about 3rd from the potty.

So what do you while you wait...selfies of course.
Photo by April

I started my watch just a smidge too soon.
Wall Sitting...on a tire. ;)
Jess & April Finishing

Yay! WE DID IT!!

The flag was handed out right on the hill. Right at the
perfect time too. 

Until next race...Happy Running!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Special Kids Race | 15k

Race season is upon us and I am so excited for what 2015 has in store. Yesterday I ran the Special Kids 15k race in Murfreesboro. First time doing this race but I'll definitely be doing it again. It's flat, fast and all the proceeds from the race go directly to helping the special needs children in that area. The amazing sponsors are the ones that fund all the awesomeness of the day. Pretty sweet!

I woke up pretty early to head to Fleet Feet to catch the shuttle over to the start. Right away I was not feeling like running at all. Which usually means its going to be a great run!!!!! No joking..if I feel excited to run, I usually end up sucking. Weird huh?! The volunteers were awesome, the course was marked extremely well. Best of all.....your medal is given to you by one of the kids. The little fella that handed me mine was super adorable and so excited. He kept searching for runners crossing the finish line and had the biggest smile on his face!!!

I ended up running the course the entire way, no walking breaks. Whooo Hoo!!! I didn't start out too fast, something I've been working hard on during races. I finally have a playlist that is perfect for the first 2 miles. The key is not having a fast song but enough tempo to keep you going.

Since coming back off injury, I've been working hard to have a better form. And race photos are not only great for reliving the moment but checking out your form. I was quite giddy when I saw the photos from the race. Straight back, relaxed shoulders and no slouching. YAY! I was a little bummed there was no finish line photo.

Yep, wore those awesome shorts to
store my water.

The photo on the right was from 2 years ago at the Middle Half. 

You can't see it here, but I was quite emotional
after crossing the finish line. This was taken just
a few moments after crossing.