Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Glass Slipper Challenge

Whew...what a weekend it has been. On Friday, Ray and I flew out to Orlando, FL for the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend. I was suppose to have did this race last year with Jessica while her hubby Chaz biked it. However, we got the wrong race mixed up. I registered for the February race when it should have been for January. But it all worked out anyway. Jess wasn't able to do that race and I was able to defer to this year. Whooo Hoo!!!

These races weren't going to be PR's for me and I was totally fine with that. This was going to be Jessica's first half marathon and I told her this was her race and I wouldn't leave her. And I didn't. I stayed with her through out it all. But I did have one small request...to run a little. It didn't have to be miles or anything like I am use to but I had to do some. Just to get the blood moving. And she did it.

I kinda believe I was almost more excited to just get out of the state of TN. It's been so cold and early in the week we had an ice storm. So I was looking forward to packing some running shorts for the races. However, it seems the cold sorta followed us Friday afternoon because on Saturday it was a wee bit chilly and I had to bust out the capris. But before I get into how the races went, let me explain what The Glass Slipper Challenge is. The GSC is 19.3 miles over two races, a 10k on Saturday followed by the half on Sunday. This was the first time I've done 2 races in one weekend so it was a learning experience for sure. The races start at 5am and if you are staying at the resorts and taking the shuttle, you have to be at it at 4am.

Jess and I got up both days at 3am (2am our time). I totally messed up on Saturday's race fueling wise. I ate my PB sandwich and banana on the way down to the shuttle. Our corral didn't set off until 6:30am. Before we ever hit mile 1, my gut was wondering where food was. I already used my GU right before the race so by the time we finished I couldn't wait to grab the food. Lesson learned. I'm thankful it wasn't the half.

Here are a few shots from the 10k....

Yes, that is Slytherin shirt. And yes, I know it's not Disney
but I'm a rebel. ;)

The start of our corral

We finished in 1:45

I think this was one of my favorite starts to a race.
Everyone singing the National Athem while the guy played it on the trumpet. 
Excuse the blurriness.  

After getting back to the hotel and taking a nap, it was time to prepare for the next race in the Challenge...the Half Marathon. I could tell Jess was a little nervous for Sunday. It was so cute and brought back some memories of me doing my first half. And how I felt.  She was nervous a little bit. But I always say being nervous is a good thing. ;)

Getting up Sunday seemed to be a little bit better but I could automatically tell that I was in a funk. And this was a first for race day. Usually I'm so nervous I can barely eat but that morning I was just blah. All the chatter from everyone on the bus and at the corral was just literally getting on my nerves. I told Jess I just needed to put my earbuds in and listen to some music before I lost it. And it worked. Funk gone.  I knew I need to get out of it before the start otherwise my funk might rub off on Jess and I didn't want that. I wanted her to stay excited for her first half.

I fueled way better this go around only having a banana on the way to the shuttle and them eating my PB sandwich after about an hour being there. Since the walk to the start line was wayyyyyyy longer, I had another banana. We joked that we felt a little uneasy walking through the woods. ;) It had to be atleast a 1.5-2 mile walk to the start line. This was also the first time that I have ever did a race without earbuds. I have to have my music but this race was so much fun. The volunteers rocked as did the rest of the runners. We won't discuss the rude runner from the 10k race. Lets just say she wasn't having a magical moment. ;)

Here are a few from the half....

This will probably be the only piece of Disney apparel that I own.
Besides the cute sweatshirt I scored at Walmart for like $5. 

In our corral

Yes, it was that crowded.
Now you see why this isn't a PR race. 

Slapping signs ;)

They were so funny. There was a girl with them
dressed as a prince. 

Crossing the FINISH Line!!! Whoo Hoo!!! So proud of this girl
for training and completing for her first half. We finished in  3:42!!

After the race, Ray and I went to Downtown Disney. If you wore your medals you could receive discounts at some of the stores. Yep, I wore my Challenge medal.

These adorable ladies came running up to me asking all sorts of questions. The one on the right asked if she could have my medal. She had just finished running a "half k" and no medals were given. ;) She was hilarious.

To recap::

Take your fuel to the start line to eat. Don't be like me and starving before ever reaching the first mile. Stay at the resorts if possible. The shuttles take you and pick you right up. Don't expect a PR because there are about 24,000 runners doing this race. (Disney should have set the time between each corral a little longer). Have fun and take lots of photos.

And finally...I can't leave out my awesome hubby, Ray. He literally just traveled with me to sit in the hotel room while I did two races. He is the biggest supporter of me and my running and I am so lucky to have him.

Next race for me is the Special Kids 15k in Murfreesboro on March 21st. Happy running!!!