Sunday, April 5, 2015

Oak Barrel Half

This was the first time running the Oak Barrel Half in Lynchburg, TN. The course is beautiful. Even that nasty hill they have dubbed, Whiskey Hill. The hill is brutal. There is no sugar coating it. It's the devil. It's about a mile long and starts out gradually and then bam you hit the part of the hill that makes you want to puke. The hill starts around mile 4. Sounds like a great place for it huh? ;)Many runners walk this hill. Yep, its that bad. My goal for this race was to run this whole course. I mean I already did a 15k and ten miler without stopping to walk so whats a few more miles to finish a half?!
I was pretty stoked to have ran a good portion of Whiskey Hill. I did stop once only to realize that I didn't have much more to go. I said "uh, no." And kept running. But Whiskey Hill ended up winning. At the steepest part, I had to stop and walk. Boo!

Miranda & I registered for this race last year and we were excited when April rolled around. Miranda decided she would pace with me and help me in reaching my goal of a new PR. I was gunning to finish in 2:15-2:20, leaning more towards 2:20. A goal that I felt was attainable since I have been improving so well. The last half was last May and I finished in 2:38. And Miranda was on board to help me in reaching that goal. But my body had other plans....

Ever have a race that starts out feeling amazing then suddenly goes down hill quick?! Well that was me on yesterday's race. I've only had that happen during training runs but never in a race. Since the Ft. Campbell race I haven't really felt the greatest. I took 3 days off from running because I was so tired. I do believe either my iron or B-12 levels were low so I started taking those again. But I may see my doctor to get a full panel done because during the race yesterday I got sick. To the point I could have thrown up. And I kinda wish I would have maybe then I would have felt better. But I'm also thinking I may have broken the cardinal rule with refueling. This course offered Gatorade at each stop along with the water. Normally, that's the second to last stop. I didn't keep track of when I did GU vs when I didn't like I normally do. Around mile 8 or so, I had just a few sips of water downed Gatorade. Shortly after, I grabbed a GU. Not long after that I was focusing on not trying to upchuck.
:(  By then, I knew I wouldn't reach my goal time because I was having to stop to walk and try not to throw up. Lets not mention the fact my watch lost GPS signal around mile 4 as well. Does Whiskey Hill eat runners for lunch?! Possibly... ;)

Thankfully my girl Miranda stuck with me even trying to keep me motivated to keep going. Without her, I probably would have walked the remainder of the race or hitched a ride. That's how bad I felt.I hope to never go through that again. We ended up finishing in 2:42. Next time I'll just stick to just water until the very end. I am quite disappointed with my performance. But I know there will be more races and that PR will still be waiting for me until the next half.

Ready to get this party started!!!! 

At mile 8

A close up of the dork in the photo above.

Maybe I should try out for the Oak Barrel Cheer Team. 


Selfies with Mr. JD himself

Whiskey Hill. 

Yeah that's the look of being pissed off.
Atleast Miranda looks smashing. :)

My race outfit. I ran in honor of Chaz so I wore
the shirt from his fundraiser for his home. I
had quite a few people to run past and tell
me they loved my shirt. One guy even gave me a fist bump. 

They have the best swag!!!!!!
The whiskey bottle was from Miranda. :)