Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ah...the PR Chase

So, since I bombed at the Oak Barrel Half with reaching my PR. I decided to sign up for the next half in the area, the Viola Valley Half Marathon in Viola, TN. It's a beautiful course, taking you through 3 counties. It has gently rolling hills to keep you on your A-game. I've ran it 2 years and have enjoyed it each time. This year, it wasn't on my list of races to do. Mainly because I already had 2 travel races for the year to do. But then enter in the failed attempt at a PR and I signed up before the next price increase. ;)

I've never ran a race in the rain and this was going to be a first. I've did some training runs and it wasn't too bad but it never was for 13 miles. I knew I wouldn't melt or drown. ;) Besides, you can't predict the weather. You just gotta suck it up and go!! And besides, you'll feel like a bad a** while doing it. The forecast right before I went to bed called for it to be clear at gun time. Wake up the next morning.....rain, rain, rain. Thankfully, it wasn't a down pour and the temps were nice. But we had rain coming from the left for a bit. Then coming from the right and head on. And at times it felt like it was coming up from the ground as well. ;) I had to wring out my shirt atleast 4 times. My feet didn't get extremely soaked. And most chafing or blisters to report. Woot Woot.

It's always fun meeting new people who love running as
much as you do. (I know the two ladies on the end ;)
Photo from Lisa Gilder

And we are off.... 

Well....the chase for that 2:15 PR continues. I am not sure what happened with this race. I am thinking I started out too fast. Which is something I normally don't do. Maybe it has to do with the speed classes I've been doing. ;)  My legs felt great, which I was worried about because just a few days prior to the race my legs felt like concrete polls. It sucked!!! I ate what I should have the week before and week of the race. I hydrated extremely well, hitting a gallon (sometimes over) of water everyday. I used a pace band, something I never have before, just to help keep me on point. When reaching mile 1, I looked down at my watch and it said 9:22. The band said 10:23. I slowed down some but reached mile 2 a few minutes before I should have. Once reaching mile 8, I was about 5 minutes off my goal time. I started to pick up the pace but by the time I reach mile 10. I was even futher off. My plan didn't work in slowing down a little after the first few miles. Maybe I should have kept going fast like I was?! When I reached mile 11 at 2:10 and I just wanted to stop. I ended up finishing a minute slower than I did last year at 2:39.

Here comes my running buddy Teresa killing her PR with a 2:22!!!
Woot Woot!!!! 

Yeah...that face looks familiar. Looks exactly like the Oak Barrel Finish.

Running Buddy Finish Line Photo

In addition to running the half, I also did a virtual race as well. It was a 10k for Nine Line Foundation. They choose one wounded hero and help them in reaching their goals of a new normal. This year, their candiate is my buddy Chaz Allen. Nine Line raised $50,000 for the Allen's!!! I am so excited for them. If you would like to learn more about Nine Line you can check them out HERE.

Isn't that coin snazzy?! It's a bottle opener. 

Until next time...the chase for the 2:15 continues.