Saturday, October 3, 2015

Up in Flames

                                       "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.
                                                   If one only remembers to turn on the light."

Training for a marathon can be tough. It's suppose to be. If it were easy, well then everyone would be doing it right? My training for the Marine Corp Marathon has been going pretty good. I've made it a point to hit much of my training runs as possible. I was on a mission. A mission to run with the Marines.

But then life hit. And it hit hard. So hard I wasn't sure I would be able to continue. 

You're probably thinking by the title that my training, all my hard work just went up in flames. Nope. It didn't. Instead our home did. 

Two weeks ago, I was at work and waiting for the day to get over. The next day, I was to run 19 miles. Shortly after 10:30a, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. Instead of answering, I just hit deny. They called again and I denied. The next call was from Ray and his only words were "our house is on fire." I grabbed my purse and jumped in the car and sped home. As soon as I was on the highway, I could see the black smoke. 

My heart sank when I reached our drive. 

The fire started in the garage when a 4 wheeler exploded and by the time I arrived it was making its way across the breezeway and up in the attic. Ray had just been on that 4 wheeler just moments before. A few of our neighbors arrived to help where they could before the firefighters arrived. Ray grabbed a few items that he could like pictures in the living room and of course his guns. ;) Thankfully, he kept the ammo near the front door so pulling out the drawers in a cabinet was all that was needed. He didn't want the fire reaching the ammo and possibly setting them off. 

I wasn't worried about the items inside. I did ask about my cedar chest that was in my office. Ray made if for me when we were dating and it was given to me one Christmas. It was full of some of his baby items. I always told him if we ever had a fire, I wanted it out. Even if it had to be dumped out a window. Sure there were a few more things I thought about but its just that...things.  Ray and Lila were out and that was most important. New memories can be made. New items can be purchased. After the fire was put out, the awesome volunteer firefighters asked if there were any items we would like them to get if possible. First thing I said was the chest. I told them where it was and moments later it was being carried out the front door!!!!!! I was so excited. It was in perfect condition. 

My wedding dress even made it out in perfect condition. The box was wet but we pulled it out and it wasn't wet,  burnt or anything. The firefighter asked was I getting married soon. I replied with "I've been married to him for 13 years. He can't get rid of me." Slowly, more and more items were being pulled. Surprisingly, most of my running gear made it. My Garmin and running shoes were toast but I still had shorts, shirts and socks to run in. And my winter gear made it too!!!! I recently moved it to my office otherwise it would have been gone too. A few of my "normal" clothes made it too. However, Ray's side of the closet was gone. :(

This flag was right beside the garage door in a flower pot.
The flower pot was melted as was an ADT sign.
The flag was untouched. 

The one day I decided to leave the lease car for Ray to drive to work. ;) 

A few days later we went back to see what we could salvage.
I found Dumbledore's Wand that I got in Orlando.
I tried the Reparo spell but it didn't work. ;)

Training has been slow since the fire. I've been trying my best to keep on running but a few days I've just been exhausted. The day after the fire, I was suppose to do 19. My running buddy, Miranda even went to Fleet Feet to pick up my running shoes that I had ordered just a week before. Along with a few other items I lost in my running bag. Instead of 19, we walked 10. 

Today was a doozy. I had 20 on the schedule to do but decided since I hadn't ran much I would do 22. Instead I did 23.37 miles. Oops. I wanted my time to be better but I am very pleased with it. I did 'Beat the Bridge' today so I'm very happy. *beating the bridge is a must at the MCM race. You have to be across it before 1:15 or you are picked up. 

Miranda even surprised me on the last 4 miles of my run.

Ray and I have been very blessed since our world turned upside down. Our awesome friends, Jessica and Chaz took us into their home. I think the girls are quite excited we are here. ;) Lila has made new friends with Champ and Ginger. She even has a part time momma too. ;) Some people have said I am taking this so well. That I have such a great outlook. The day of the fire someone said to me that I was too calm. I guess being around positive people who've made it thru tough times helps to change the outlook. 

Now...let's get ready to run with the Marines on October 25th.