Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Oh My..What a Year

Another year has yet again flown before our eyes. I remember being a kid and it felt as if it took Christmas foreverrrrr to finally come back around. Now it creeps back up on us like it was just yesterday. This year has been a rollercoaster. I don't think I will ever forget so many dates from this year. The first part of the year was great but seems as soon as June came around it started to slide down hill. We had our dog, Sampson put to sleep his heart just couldn't hang anymore. :(  He is still so missed.

Then the biggest heartache of 2015 hit in September when we lost our home to fire. Since that day, we've been staying with friends. It was hard seeing all your belongings go up in flames but you quickly realize that its just stuff. New memories can be made and new items can be purchased. Thankfully a few sentimental items were saved that day. We also lost our outside dog Eva the week of the fire.

Even while dealing with the fire, I was still training for my first marathon. I am still not too pleased with my finish time but with all things considered I am happy. I could have quit but I didn't. I even did 10 miles the day after my house was on fire. Mind you it was walking but still I did it.

Since my marathon, I haven't felt like running much at all. I still do but the motivation just isn't there. I think the stress from the fire finally caught up with me and the training from the race. I did run my first race, the Running of the Turkeys 10k shortly after Thanksgiving Day. I ended up finished 2nd in my age group. So woot woot to that. :) However, the motivation still isn't there to run much. But I know it will make its come back soon. I did reach some of my running goal for the year. I finally beat my mile PR, however that's the only time. The goals that I didn't reach I have already carried over to next year and hopefully I crush them.

There was some great news towards the end, so the year wasn't total sadness. We found a house and should be moving into it later next month. We are super excited and can't wait to move in. Well, kinda move. We really don't have much of anything. We could seriously make one trip and probably all in one vehicle. ;)

So here is goodbye to 2015, you came in quietly and left like a bull. May 2016 be the best yet, surely it has 2015 beat right?!