Friday, May 27, 2016

The Chase of the PR

It's been 2 years since my last PR in a half marathon. Saturday I ran my 10th half so my goal was to finally break it. But the body had other plans. Ironically, I wasn't as upset for not meeting the goal as I have been in the past. Baby Steps right? ;)

My training has slacked a lot since my marathon in October and our house fire in September. It almost seems a little much being as its been 8 months. But I think with dealing with listing all our contents and getting the new home ready for us to move in just took its toll on me.  After Saturday's finish time of 3:01, I think I have that fire (pun intended ;) lit again.

I am kinda bummed just a little with this, Sam from the running group I am in offered to help me in reaching my goal. I wanted to hit a 2:25-2:30 and he was down to help me. Which was awesome. However a few miles in we noticed my breathing was off, like I was struggling to catch my breath. Further into the race, it only got worse. I had some pain between my shoulder blades the night before and the longer we went in the race the worse it got. Soon running turned to walking...a lot. And I was telling Sam he could go on if he wanted. Even at mile 12. He simply said "start together, finish together."

However, if I am honest there were times I wanted to hop on the gator that was driving up and down the roads. The pain was just awful and I was just over it. But I pushed on. Sam would tell me not all races work out like we want and to just keep pushing to reach my goal. The next race is the Middle Half in October so there is plenty of time to train and crush it.

Thanks once again for sticking with me Sam. I greatly appreciate it.

I had to make my own bib for Flat D
since Miranda picked up my packet ;)

Brad on the end got a shiny new PR!!

I missed the memo we were doing crazy faces. 

laughing after I said "if one more person says you're almost there
I'm gonna throat punch." ;) Kidding of course. 

I also did a virtual run for Nine Line Foundation. They are a veteran non profit helping to fill in gaps where they are needed for our wounded heroes. This race was to help benefit the build of a handicap accessible home for wounded hero, SFC Aaron Causey. He was injured when he stepped on an IED resulting in a double amputation above the knee, along with other injuries.

If you would like to learn more about Nine Line and how you can help please visit,  here. They have some pretty sweet clothing too, just click the link and then the 'Shop' tab. 

Happy Running!!!