Thursday, June 30, 2016

Moon Pies, RC Cola and 10 Miles

I'm a little behind on blogging but earlier this month I ran for the first time the RC Moon Pie 10 Miler in Bell Buckle. First of all, I loved it only taking about 15 minutes to get there. I knew I was close to Bell Buckle, but didn't realize I was that close. The course is beautiful. Even the huge hill you have to go up around mile 4. But even with that hill, I would probably do the race again.

I set out with no goal for this race. Since having some issues recently so I knew there was no need to set one. I'm also trying to not set one for races and just go out run and have fun with the race. I ended up finishing in 2:16. I even brought in the Ambulance. No really, I did.


Here are a few more snaps from the day....

Somewhere between mile 1 and 10 ;) 

A few of the BBC group.
Sweet Lauren (hiding behind Miranda) came out to cheer us all on. 

See the Ambulance? ;)

You don't get a medal with this race. But you do get an awesome post race meal, popsicles, a moon pie and RC cola.