Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dashing for Turkeys

What do you do on the one day you stuff your face the most? Yep, run a race. ;) This was the first time running the Boro Dash on Thanksgiving Day and I must say it was quite fun. Although it really didn't feel like a November day as it should have been. It felt warmer than usual but we are in Tennessee so I guess it was right on point.

Miranda surprised me with a hat for the race. A turkey hat. Haha!! The hat stayed on until Mile 2ish, until I couldn't take the heat it was producing anymore. But I did put it back on once we were getting closer to the finish. 
Look at us! Hahahaha
About to start the race! 

The race starts at MTSU and uses 4 miles of the Middle Half course. So many people attended the race. There were little kiddos running right along with us. I believe over 2,000 did the race. I guess everyone wanted to make room in their bellies. ;) Even with the warm temps, we did awesome. Which I'm surprised at. We did a few walk breaks and ended up finishing in 41:34!! Finally a race with a decent average pace.  

You gotta have the socks for a Turkey Trot. 

Nearing the End

Can you spot the turkeys? ;)

Definitely a race that everyone should do, runner or not. Up next is the Mt. Juliet Half Marathon. 

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