Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016

Wow, another year is about to end but boy it was so much fun. Ended the year with running 606.5 miles. Man, that seems so low. Especially as I scroll through IG and see other runners with their 2,000+ miles for the year. I had so many goals coming into 2016 but I think I was mentally done before the year ever got started. I tried reaching them and finally realized I needed to focus on just enjoying the run. I feel at times I haven't found my grove since our move. But some days I do. I ran 10 races, 3 of which were half marathons and 11 virtual runs. Sometimes the races were great and sometimes Irene came out. 😉

I like to call 2016 my learning year. It's been such an experience. I learned its best to not set goals when running a race. Instead to just run it by feel and I might just end up with the PR I've been chasing. That not all training runs are going to be simply the best. Just getting out there is a big accomplishment in itself. I realized not every friend really is a 'bestie'. Some you have to just let go. But at the same time learned who really values friendship. And those are simply the 'best' to have. 2016 did bring a new home, an awesome job where I can wear running gear (every runners dream) 😉 and meeting new running buddies. I also learned I say sorry when it's not really needed. Something a co-worker once said and I later realized she was right. So I've been working hard the past few weeks to nip that in the bud. 

I'm not really sure what 2017 will bring, but I know its going to be simply the best. I hope to continue my love for running. To run a race every month, maybe reach 1000 miles for the year and to simply keep pushing to be a stronger runner. Something I have been putting off. 'Maybe' run another marathon (still on the fence about that one). 😉

Tomorrow begins a new slate, so fill it with tons of memories. Happy New Year!!!

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