Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa's Gift of a PR


That was probably the one word going through my mind as I rounded the corner to hit the finish line. Finally a PR!! I'd only been chasing it for a year and got it. Saturday Miranda, Sam and I ran the Mt. Juliet Holiday Half. It started right before the Christmas parade and that meant a later start time of 10:45am and somewhat warmer temps.  Which was awesome since at 7a it was much, much colder. Like 18! Brr!

I've always ran better in colder temps. My legs feel like they can just go and go. This was the first half I've ran in December and it was awesome. Even with running on such a narrow shoulder. With traffic coming right along side you. Fun Times. 😏  But overall, the race and the bling were great.

The morning of the race, it was nice to relax and eat my breakfast without the feeling of wanting to gag on it. The peanut butter does it every time. I had a Pro-Bar along with half a bagel with some PB and drank some water. I made my pre-workout to have on the way. On the way to meet Miranda my legs started get that tingling feeling of wanting to run. And I knew it was gonna be a great race.

The excited grins haha 😊😊

One great thing about the race, you were able to stay warm inside the school until the start of the race. The race started a little late but then we were off running down the road with the crowds cheering us on. Little kids were standing out giving everyone high fives. The course was a little hilly but the bigger hills were at the beginning of the course. The volunteers were great and plenty was offered at the water stops.

This cracks me up

Sam & I weren't ready... 

Hills for Lunch

Patiently waiting....

Around Mile 9, I chatted with another runner which is unusual for me because I usually have my music going and just zoned in on the run. We were chatting about pace and two runners who would run on the other side of the road. Just zig zagging back and forth across the lanes. I'm curious what their mileage was at the end. 😉 Towards the end of the race, I think around mile 11.5 was a cop and he was blasting the song "Eye of the Tiger." The song would end and he would shout over his mic "you're doing great." And would start the song up again. Ha! I should have gotten a photo with him.

I felt great during the race and got excited when I realized was going to finally get a PR. But then around Mile 11, I felt all jittery again like I have in past half races. I think this is where my HR reached over 200. After that, I was sure I wasn't going to reach that PR. But I did! I got a 1:12 PR and boy does it feel great! Miranda and Sam came out from the warmth to cheer me on. I was a little giddy when I saw them. Ha!

Jazz hands in full effect. 😜

whoo hoo!!


How cute is this shirt and medal?

Until the next race....Happy Running!!

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