Sunday, March 20, 2016

Special Kids 15k

Yesterday was the Special Kids 15k race and it's one of my favorite races to do. All the funds raised go directly to helping the kids in the area. Which I love that about races. I ran this race last year and ran the entire course in 1:43. My goal was to run it all again this year and finish with a 1:35 but towards the end my heart rate got extremely high making me feel all jittery so I slowed down to a walk to get it under control. The beginning of the race and even the middle went awesome. I was cruising right along at a great 10:24 avg pace, thanks to some of the BBC Crew ahead of me. I held that pace for the first 5.5 miles but it was the last 3.8 miles where my heart rate got high. 

Instead I finished with a 1:47, which I am still quite pleased with considering the week before I was just feeling somewhat better after being sick. The weather was nice, even if it was chilly at the beginning. But once the sun popped up it started to warm up. The first couple of miles are tight with so many runners. But it's still a great race to run. Especially seeing all the kids faces at each mile marker. And they hand out the medals too. This year I got my running buddy Miranda to join me in running it this year. And she smoked the race with a finish time of 1:29!! Woot Woot!! 

Up next is the Viola Valley Half Marathon in May. I'm hoping to crush that race and redeem myself and finally get that PR I've been chasing for 2 years. 

seconds before the canon went off. 

Some of the BBC crew

See it pays to go slow. You get your own film crew ;)

Happy Running Everyone!