Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Whiskey Run

No, no not what you're thinking.... Last weekend was the Oak Barrel Half Marathon in Lynchburg, TN home of Jack Daniels. This race is always a blast to run, even with the massive hill called Whiskey. The swag is always awesome. In addition to your race shirt, you also get a hat or visor and a pair of socks. If you haven't ran this race, put it on your bucket list. It's a must!!

My goal for this race was to run the first 4-4.5 miles slower until I conquered Whiskey Hill. And kick it up a notch and finish strong. That plan went to crap at Mile 2. I jumped in at the 10:00 pace group and well you can guess the rest. I still struggle with starting out too fast. Patience Grasshopper. ;)

The weather did a complete change. Leading up to the race, it was suppose to be in the 70s. Fast forward to the morning of the race. It was chilly. But the layers we added were quickly shed by Mile 2. I only wish I had kept my gloves.

I had hoped to reach a 2:30 but ended up with a 2:42:29. It's not a bad finish time, but I know I could have done much better. Now the main goal is to jump back a few more corrals. ;)

Cheesing at the Start

Whiskey Hill 

Huge congrats to Tammy for a PR!!!!

The loot

 Happy Running!!

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