Sunday, April 16, 2017

Purity Dash 15k

So, against my better judgement or just plain peer pressure. I signed up for the Purity Dash, the Smitty 15k. Just a week after running the Special Kids 15k and two weeks after running the Oak Barrel Half. I don't think I have done that many races back to back since I first started running. But hey, it was the first race at 39 years old so lets go big. 

The weather was a complete 180 compared to last weeks race. Instead of wearing tights and a light long sleeve. It was shorts, tank and sunscreen. The start of the 15k was at 8am, by the time the one mile, 5k and 10k started the temps were around 80. Add in the beaming sun on the course the entire way it seemed even hotter. I'm not sure why the 15k didn't start sooner but at one point I almost took the cut off for the 10k folks just to end the misery sooner. 

Irene may have made an appearance towards the last part. Especially when volunteers were saying "you're almost there. You're doing great. I know its hot out, but you're almost there." I think I replied, "this is my first and last time doing this race. Who decided to start a race at 8am with the temps like this." Oops. She did say to the other volunteers they have heard a lot of people say that. Even the cop standing there had said I was way too hot. Maybe the heat was just affecting me too much. Multiple times I felt like jumping in the river just to cool off. 

Susan and I started together but I quickly lost her at Mile 4 as she was booking it across towards the greenway. I saw her again near Mile 7 and she was looking amazing and I felt like I was dying. 😅 The last mile tricks you into thinking "you're almost" there but nope. That was also where I experienced spots in my vision. I could feel I was dehydrated even though I drank a lot of water the days leading up to the race and even on race morning.  At one point, I almost grabbed a jug of water left at a water stop but I didn't think that would look good for photos. Instead I poured some in a cup and took off. 

Susan snagged a few photos at the finish line. I could hear her yelling "Smile for the Camera" 😀as I got closer. I was so excited to see the end. I wanted nothing but a nice cold towel on my face and lots of water. There were no cold towels and I came so close to laying on some ice that had been tossed to the side. But decided against it. 

I was unsure of my finish time, so I went to the tent. I ended up overhearing one of the guys with Nashville Striders saying "why would you walk a 15k?" Irene was still in full force so of course I responded because "its hot and there's no shade." I'd like to ask you "who decided to start the longest distance of the race last when the temps are even hotter?" He didn't have much of a response. The other gent at the table ended up getting me my finish time, 1:57:54. I was really hoping for a 1:40 but given the conditions, I'll take it. 

Happy Running!! 

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