Sunday, April 16, 2017

Special Kids

A week ago I ran one of my favorite races, the Special Kids 15k. The first time I ran it I actually ran the entire course without stopping for a walk break. The course is pretty flat, the volunteers and crowd support amazing. I really wanted to run the race in about 1:40 but right before I left the house I got pretty sick. All fuel I consumed was no longer in my stomach and after that I had no desire to eat anything. I put some Swedish Fish in my pocket and took off out the door. Finally in the car I was hit with a headache and honestly thought about heading back to the house. I only grabbed my bag so I didn't have any meds with me. Thankfully, before the start of the race Sam had some in his car. A car parked far away from the start. ;) But he made it back in time before the start and my headache quickly went away by Mile 2.

I wasn't pleased with my performance but a finish, a 1:46:05 but a finish is a finish. The weather was beautiful that morning. A little chilly at first but by the end it was warming up nicely.  Sadly, this is about all I remember about the race. I've slept and ran a lot since then. ;) 

Happy Running!! 

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