Sunday, May 14, 2017

Honor the Fallen 5k

Honoring and Remembering our Fallen has always been something close to my heart. And I was glad we stubbled across this race where your bib carries the name of a hero who is no longer with us.
I'm not sure how I didn't know about this race last year but I am excited we were able to run the second annual race. I look forward to running it next year. The race is so well organized. The race takes place at The Grove Living in College Grove. Running by million dollar homes was breathtaking. 

Smiles because we made it before the start. ;)

We decided to pick up our packets on race day. We didn't realize until we got there that parking was about a mile from the start line. We arrived a little late but thankfully there were golf cart shuttles going so we bummed a ride on the way up. A quick stop at the restrooms we were off running a mile back to the car. Only to turn around after dropping our bag and running back a mile to the start. We barely got to the top of the hill when it was time to turn around and go back down. 😂 Lesson learned.... either pick up the packet sooner or arrive at 8am. 😉 At least we were warmed up pretty good. 

My face...Next time finish eating the orange. ;)

After the race, there is a Memorial Mile with the Gold Star Families. On the walk, we were able to find the hero we were running in honor of.  Miranda ran in honor of CW2 Bernard Meister, he passed away after his helicopter crashed in Vietnam on February 14, 1970 during his second tour. In addition to serving in the Army he also served in the Marines. 

I had the honor of running for SGT. Bryan McCabe from Spring Hill. I didn't know his story either and planned to do a search once I got home. Shortly after taking this picture, a young woman grabbed me by the arm and asked if I ran in honor of SGT. McCabe. Once I said I did she said he was the husband of one of her friends. She then spoke words that ripped my heart out and made tears form. 

He had taken his own life. He left behind a wife and two children. She tried her best to comfort me, she said his wife and kids were doing ok now. But all I could think was we are failing our heroes. How the VA is failing our heroes. 

I also ran in honor of CW3 David Stanley.  I never got the chance to meet him either but I was able to meet his wife Kristy a few years ago at a fundraiser for our friend SSG. Chaz Allen. CW3 Stanley was killed on September 11, 2007 when his helicopter crashed during a training flight in Alabama. He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell. In addition to his lovely wife, he also left behind two children. 

My medal and the bib I wore on my back will be sent
to his wife Kristy

It was an honor running in memory of these men.
 Always speak their names. Never Forget. 

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