Friday, June 30, 2017

Playing Catch Up

As I was about to write up about the Doughboy 5k last weekend, I realized I never wrote about the Navy Nautical Ten Miler from a few weekends ago.... so this blog will have both races combined.

The Navy Nautical Ten Miler has been a bucket list race for Miranda and I. We finally were able to cross that off the list. It's the only race ran in nautical miles. And it was a pretty awesome race. It wasn't too hot as it has been in past years but man it sure was humid. Sweat was just rolling off right from the start and it never seemed to end. We knew it was going to be a humid day as we were leaving the house at 4:30am and it smacked in the face. As we were standing in line for the potties, it was brought to my attention that I've ran a race with almost every branch of the Military. I just need to cross the Air Force off the list. And yes, I checked. There is a marathon, half and 5k. ;)

The expo was a little small but its still always just as much fun.

After fueling up, it was time to relax and get ready for race day. It was suppose to be raining. And a lot but it all moved from us and we were good. However, I was hoping the skies would open up after a little bit. 

Getting ready to run

The course was a pretty good course. Wasn't too hilly at least to us it wasn't. At the start were a few screams of having to run up a hill. A very short hill I might add. 😂 Even a local runner had compared it to Viola. Uh, no. I know my legs totally felt the difference. 

Navy Nautical Ten Miler


I don't remember at which mile but I finally had to just tell Miranda to go on. I could tell her legs were itching to run and my back was beginning to kill me. Each step made it harder to breathe and it got to where I couldn't swing my arm. But after a quick stop at the potty, I was good to go. Even though it was super humid. The volunteers were simply amazing. Lots of water stops at each nautical mile and there were coolers of ice towards the back end. Who knew sticking ice cubs down your shirt could help with getting cool. 

Amazing goody bag

On the way home....


This was around Mile 3. We were so soaked by
the humidity

Up next... Doughboy 5k

I randomly had a Saturday off and had no idea there would be a race, so of course I had to sign up for Doughboy. I've been wanting to do it for awhile now but never got the chance. It's now going to be on my list from now on. Everything was great about it. The course, the goodie bag (seriously just wait till you see it) and the post race were excellent. The race is held by Pillsbury and all the characters come out. It's all tons of fun. 

This made me giggle on our warmup.

The goody bag. Ray has enough cereal bars for awhile.

Before the race and our warmup

I could tell during the warmup that my legs just weren't going to be on board for crushing this race. I just kept telling myself, "its just a 5k. Just 3 miles. You got this." The legs were like "nope." Nonetheless, it was still a great race. 

Crossing the finish line 

Fun with the characters

We stuck around for the awards because Susan finally crushed her PR and placed in her age group. David also placed in his age group as well. Woo Hooo!

Up next is the 4th of July 5k in Nashville. I'm sure its going to be a toasty one. Yay for summer. Until next time, Happy Running.